Larry Berglund | SCMP | MBA | FSCMA
Presentations Plus Training & Consulting
Larry is a supply chain consultant, business trainer, speaker, educator, author, and CSR subject matter expert.

Larry’s supply chain expertise includes leadership positions in the forest industry, public health care, municipal government, university operations, academia, and consulting services in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Larry is a speaker of note at national and international conferences.

Larry was fundamental with drafting and implementing the first ethical and sustainable procurement policy in Canada for the City of Vancouver.

He is the author of Food, Finance, and Philosophy: A Role For Supply Management in Corporate Social Responsibility.

His latest book is titled; Good Planets Are Hard To Buy: A Management Handbook for Creating Conscious Capitalism, Sustainability Principles and Supply Chain Excellence.

Many leading companies and organizations have utilized the services of Larry Berglund, including:

Accenture Business Services; APICS; BC Automobile Association; Bruce Power; Certified General Accountants; City of Edmonton; Federation of Canadian Municipalities; Finning Canada; City of Kamloops; Institute of Supply Chain Management; Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission; Province of Alberta; Social Enterprise Institute; Supply Chain Management Association; West Fraser Timber; and The University of British Columbia, to name a few.

Larry has successfully integrated corporate social responsibility and sustainability values into supply management strategies and operations. He has drafted policies, affected change in public organizations and influenced practices in many companies.