Staff Turnover: Turn Offs and Turn Ons

Staff turnover is a fact of life in today’s workplace, and progressive organizations recognize the importance of being pro-active to minimize this phenomenon.  While tangible staff turnover-related costs include advertising, interviewing, training, lost productivity, it is the less tangible costs that are often of greater concern.  These can include effect on staff morale, poor corporate … Read more

Peak Employment

Will You Have a Supply Chain Job in 20 Years? Bad news – most won’t. Best news – some might. Peak Oil is M. King Hubbert’s theory that the maximum volume of oil extraction has already been reached. In response, demand for oil may be curbed by innovative energy alternatives coming into the market to … Read more

2017 BC Summit on Social Innovation #Impact4BC

I was encouraged by the depth of the discussions and examples of social innovation at today’s conference, the 2017 Summit on Social Innovation in Vancouver B.C. I was also very impressed by the Youth Social Innovation Award winners. Congratulations, the future looks bright!  Please follow the conversation on Twitter by searching #Impact4BC – Larry   … Read more

Larry Berglund Named SCMA Fellow 2016

“The Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) recognizes individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the field of supply chain management through innovation, dedication, and leadership. This year, the SCMA Awards of Distinction, presented on June 16 at SCMA’s National Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, highlight real leadership in a profession that drives Canada’s competitiveness.” … Read more

B.C. Summit for Social Innovation

  I’m very pleased to be invited to participate in the B.C. summit on Social Innovation Feb. 8rd, where I will be discussing social procurement value along with Minister Michelle Stilwell. This event will be held at the Imperial, 319 Main Street, Vancouver BC.  The Summit will be an amazing gathering of entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, universities … Read more

Good Planets are Round: The Circular Economy and Supply Chains

A sea change is occurring in Europe and the ripples are crossing the Atlantic. The Circular Economy (CE) is affecting environmental, social and governance values. Why? It makes good business sense to adapt to a world with resource scarcity. Contributing to profitability while exercising more responsible use of natural resources is tough to argue against. … Read more

Buying Into the Future: Making the Business Case for Social Procurement

Public sector procurement objectives are quite predictable and intuitive – find savings for other departments to be able to meet their budgets. As procurement professionals know, the need for public sector to deliver value for money as it relates to infrastructure investment and operations requires a team approach. Engineers and operational staff design and develop … Read more