It’s the People, Not the Paper: Managing Contracts and Measuring Performance for Professionals


Larry Berglund’s It’s the People, Not the Paper is a no-nonsense practical guide for professionals who want greater success in managing their contracts, reducing their risks, and upping their game with practical tools to evaluate supplier performance. Every business, government or organization that struggles with multiple contractors can use this practical book to save money, save time, and achieve quality results, not to mention, avoid headaches and legal snares.

Berglund shows us that clear understanding of the goals, coupled with clear communications and measures is not only a way to avoid the pains that poor contract management can lead to, but establish better relationships and better products and services for all. Focus on the marriage, not the wedding! This is Larry’s way: the path of making sure the people and the paper are in harmony.

“The final price is best determined through negotiations and not a predetermined set target… Better performers are for the long-term; the lesser performers are not sure there is a long-term and take what they can, while they can. Caveat emptor!…Contracts bind our relationships. Conduct builds our relationships!”
– excerpts from It’s the People, Not the Paper

Included in this publication are also competitive bid templates and contract forms, downloadable for you to use. While Larry warns that templates “should not be treated as a cooker cutter exercise. That type of complacency invites risk.” These forms are set up to give every professional a head start on a proven process.

Procurement courses can take a lot of time and thousands of dollars. If you need to make improvements fast and have a handle on the essence of great contract management, you need this book in your tool kit.

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Larry’s New Book “Plan It for Our Planet” is out now!

Larry’s new book, “Plan It for Our Planet” is out now! Learn all about Social Procurement practices, policies, principles and plans for the Supply Chain” and make a difference in the world! 

Plan IT for Our Planet


In Larry’s own words:

Want to make a difference where you work? Get up to speed on what value is all about.

“I have spent the past decade working in the social procurement arena. This is one of the most important strategies which procurement people need to be savvy with.

I’ve taken a pragmatic approach on how to explain what social procurement is and how to implement it in your organization.

No more time for another course? Good-my book will save you the time. You’ll get a primer on social procurement practices on this must know subject.

We cover the economic, social and ethical benefits. We define the roles of stakeholders such as public buyers, private business operations and financial institutions. We quantify the benefits of SP with many examples and models-making it easy to grasp the concepts.

I will tell you how the trade agreements enable local sourcing with specific exemption and exception clauses.
We provide case studies to illustrate how SP is making a difference to people everywhere and it does not cost more money. There is a social return on investment which we will review and go into the economic multiplier effect-which is often left out of decision-making.

I’ll share best practices on how to communicate SP, which resources you might need, and the challenges of change management.

After reading the book you will be well aware of how SP works and how to advocate for affecting values-leading to actions you can take.

The book has lots of examples to draw from and outlines the scalable solution which can be adapted everywhere.
Get ahead of the curve and be comfortable with this new found tool for business decisions.

Impress your boss with your knowledge-you can read Plan It for Our Planet and put it to work the next day.

For $5.99-you can’t afford not to!”

You can purchase Larry’s book here.