ESG in Business

How is ESG changing the purpose of business?

Updates and expanded notes from the June edition include:

15-minutes of bad news for Toyota, Honda, and Mazda for cheating
Canadian EVs cost $10,000 more than EU EV models
Canadian EV tariff risks
Carbon taxes – US vs Canada models
Circulor’s blockchain provenance technology
Climate Justice
Deconstruction in construction
Defining local business
Deforestation free products
EPEAT solar panels only for US government
EU EV tariffs
E-fire trucks cost ~$300-500K more than diesel models
Employment Equity Act
Environmental racism
First Nations Guardian Watchmen
Fuel contracts are in contango
Tattooed fruit
Treasury Board Manager’s Guide
GM vs Ford in EV and PHEV markets
LNG in Prince Rupert vs Squamish
Mass timber projects
Palm oil vs Indigenous rights
Risk management
SAF caveats
SMRs in Thailand
Unbundling example in contracts
Value-per-point example with Indigenous housing project

A fresh cover from Cdn artist, Graeme

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